Edinburgh Castle - Scotland
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Things to do in Scotland

Discover the very best things to do whilst you are visiting Scotland. Climb mountains and cross lochs as your take in every inch Scotland has to offer, we've selected our favourite things to do in Scotland to make your holiday jam packed with fun activities.

Explore 11th Century Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle has a rich history of welcoming royal visitors, prisons and even pirates from a lifetime ago. The strategic advantage of Edinburgh Castle is clear, as you stand at the edge of the castle you can look out over the surrounding area just as they would have done as early as 1457 when the castle was occupied by King James II. Explore the grand hall and military quarters before recharging in the tea rooms for a spot of lunch. 

Edinburgh Castle

Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster

The monster of myth that resides in Loch Ness was first spotted in 1933 when the road adjacent to the loch provided an unobstructed view and gave the opportunity for sightings. Regardless of the creature, Loch Ness is a stunning location that can be explored by foot around the water's edge or by boat across the loch itself. Loch Ness has a depth of 788 feet and a length of 23 miles making it the largest volume of fresh water in Britain. Explore the castle ruins on the edge of the loch and take in stunning views of the hillside as the loch disappears into the distance.

Loch Ness

Climb to the summit of Ben Nevis

The legendary mountain requires little introduction thanks to the some 125,000 walkers that make the trek each year and return to tell the tail. The easiest route begins at Glen Nevis and takes a zigzagging route up offering stunning unrivalled views across the Scottish moorland. On average it will take between 3-5 hours to climb the 1345m mountain that will leave you feeling a little stiff the next day, but it is worth the aches and pains for the beautiful views you will see. 

Ben Nevis

Take a tour of a renowned whisky distillery

Oban, a Scottish Town and renowned Whisky. In Gaelic Oban means ‘Little Bay’ but despite the name this town is the largest between Helenshurgh and Fort Williams and thankfully has a quality whisky distillery with fantastic tasting sessions and tours. Established in 1795, the distillery is one of the oldest in Scotland; it was originally run as a family business but has boomed in recent years and its popularity continues to grow today. Enjoy the tour as your learn the history and culture of the drink before trying some for yourself.

Oban Whisky

Find Moray Firth Dolphins

The best place to spot Moray Firth Dolphins is Chanonry Point near Inverness, the location consistently has a high number of sightings thanks to the feeding ground here. The Moray Coast is famous for bottlenose dolphins but is also well known for harbour purposes and even whale watching if you’re lucky. There’s no guarantee of spotting these majestic beasts but if you do you will likely get a stunning memory and maybe even a photo for your wall. 

Experience world-renowned Edinburgh Festival

The world's largest art festival, established in 1947 takes place every year in Edinburgh in August, the streets come alive with people showcasing their talent and showmanship. People come from all over the world to take part and experience the joyful cheers, dancing and singing as the streets are filled. The first Edinburgh festival aimed to provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit and it’s evidently clear the vision of this festival has become a reality.

Edinburgh Festival

Watch the Highland Games

The traditional Scottish highland games is a cultural celebration where locals and tourists come together to watch a gripping sporting spectacle of goliath magnitude as champions are made, music is played and Scottish heritage is celebrated. Watch large men and strong women compete in traditional events and activities before enjoying a festival of music and dancing. 

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