Scottish Roads
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How to get to Scotland

Spend less time worrying about how to get to your holiday home in Scotland and more time enjoying your holiday with our directions for getting to Scotland.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are linked to London by fast, direct trains, with easy connections to towns and cities across England and Wales.

Sleeper services from London provide a simple, comfortable route to Scotland. Flights to Scotland are often the quickest option, with an ever-increasing number of routes on offer from British Airways, BMI and budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair.

There are two main driving routes to Scotland from the south: via the east of England on the A1 and via the west on the M6, A74 and M74. Checking the weather is advisable before setting off, especially during the winter months, when snow is common. Regular ferries run between the Irish ports of Belfast and Larne and Cairnryan, in southwest Scotland. During the summer months, ferries also run between Ballycastle and Campbelltown and Islay.

The Scottish airports of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow and Glasgow Prestwick are served by an increasing number of routes to European cities and long-haul destinations such as the U.S and Canada.

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