Seafood on the Isle of Skye
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Food and drink in Scotland

Choosing where to eat in Scotland just got a lot easier, we’ve picked out our favourite cafes and restaurants from Michelin star masterpieces to charming cafes with stunning views of Lochs and countryside that stretches for miles.

The Kitchin


The modern British cuisine served at this establishment is a true representation of their ethos ‘from nature to plate’ as fresh produce arrives daily to ensure only the high quality ingredients are used for the beautifully decorated plates that find their way to you at The Kitchen. Awarded a Michelin star in 2021, Chef Tom Kitchin has now accumulated a number of awards and accolades that continue to bring in a number of happy guests each service. 



With new French owners taking over the establishment, the reopening of The Glenturret brings with it fine dining, high quality hospitality and the history of whiskey from the distillery ensuring the cultural values are not forgotten. The grand building and illustrious Michelin pedigree from the previous establishment under these owners provides the perfect mixing pot for nothing but success as the innovative kitchen produces the finest of food.


Isle of Skye

With seafood at the heart of this 18 seater family run restaurant, owner of their own Michelin star, Chef Michael personally cooks each meal guaranteeing it’s flavour and pzazz follows in the footsteps of each fabulous meal that has left the kitchen before. Locally caught fish from the Isle of Skye go into the magnificent meals the quaint establishment provides ensuring a personal touch to your dining experience. A meal to remember at Lochbay.

The Cellar


Seasonal Scottish food inspires the tasting menu as locally sourced ingredients are smashed together to produce masterpieces which over the years have resulted in a Michelin Star being awarded in 2021. Each meal is beautifully designed and thought through to ensure the powerful flavours of each bite play a vital role in the final delivery and leave you feeling thoroughly contempt.

City Restaurant 


A relaxed dining experience from a large and varied menu that has something for everyone. The establishment was taken over by an Italian family in 1995 which has influenced the menu greatly over the years. The modern interior and large upstairs windows make the restaurant a great place to relax and watch the world go by as well as enjoy some great food.

The Pier


Moving northward can mean fewer people and quiet roads but I can also mean fantastic views over lochs from local establishments like The Pier that offer friendly faces and fabulous food. Take in the panoramic views as you put your feet up and relax whilst enjoying an expansive menu which offers a variety of options meaning there is something for everyone. 

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