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Visitor Guide to Barnstaple

Barnstaple has always been the main town in the North Devon region and is the base for My Favourite Cottages in Barnstaple. Historically Barnstaple has been a major port, primarily trading in wool from the farms of Exmoor across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World of America. Today Barnstaple is a thriving tourist destination, since the opening of the North Devon Link Road in 1989 Barnstaple became to gateway town to the glorious North Devon beaches at Saunton Sands and all along the cost to Woolacombe. The opening of the new road meant tourism really took-off and the region now boasts some of the best holiday cottages in the UK which provide ideal places to stay with family and pets.

Barnstaple is the economic hub of North Devon and has been for centuries. The town is by far the largest populated conurbation for many miles and has grown
significantly over the last 30 years with significant developments ongoing. The town is the social hub for the area with the main college based at the top of the hill overlooking the town. The town has a great reputation for nightlife with several bars and clubs that stay open until the early hours and is also a thriving sports town with a well-supported rugby union team, football club and the Tarka Tennis Centre is a superb facility with 6 indoor courts.

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Some of our favourite Cottages in Barnstaple

Some of our favourite Cottages in