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Things to do in Fowey

There’s a number of things in Fowey that will entertain the whole family and make life long memories. Start planning your holiday in Cornwall now and booking for a boat trip or meet some new friends at the aquarium.

‍Hire a boat and explore the coast

The Cornish coast is a beautiful stretch of clear water and thriving biodiversity, perfect for aquatic adventures. You can hire a boat from the local harbour, jetty or beach and take yourself on a private tour of the private beaches and hidden coves that line the Cornish coastline. If you’d like to take a guided tour, the ferry to Polruan is a great way to see the sites from the big orange boat.

Wander through cliffside Headland Garden.

The beautiful gardens overlooking the Fowey Estuary cover a 1.25 acres space where specifically selected species that can withstand the salty conditions of the seaside setting entice flora enthusiasts all year round. Climb the 100 steps to visit the secluded beach where you can swim and bathe in the Cornish water beneath the gardens.  

Meet rare sea creatures at Fowey Aquarium.

On the edge of the River Fowey, the Fowey Aquarium is a fantastic day out for the whole family. A number of local aquatic creatures can be found thriving in a perfect ecosystem to encourage a healthy life. You will get the opportunity to learn about different fish and discover the history behind the evolutionary growth the species has had, take yourself on a journey and understand the path the local fish have taken to join the aquariums family. 

Hike to the top of Polruan Hill for amazing views of the estuary and coast.

Across the Fowey River, the old fishing village of Polruan shares the waterway with Fowey, you can cross the river via the ferry and from there climb the very steep Polruan Hill. With amazing views down river you can enjoy stunning scenery of both river and countryside landscape from your cottage in Fowey. The 4 mile walk along the hill tops connects neighbouring village Bodnnnick.

Experience Fowey Art and Literature Festival.

The annual art and literature festival is an opportunity for authors, poets and playwrights to come together and celebrate the exciting work being done. Immerse yourself in local culture with workshops to educate yourself and learn from award winning authors. Each year the small fishing village booms with life as people flock from far to enjoy the artistic awakening. Fowey is home to 4 art galleries, each one showcasing a mix of local and larger artistic master-pieces. 

Explore the town’s maritime history at Fowey Museum

Despite it only being one room, Fowey maritime museum is one of the oldest buildings in Fowey dating as far back as the 15th Century. The museum introduces key artefacts from the fishing village's history, welcoming visitors to learn about the rich history of the harbour and the vital role locals played in creating the popular tourist location. 

Walk the Southwest Coast Path.

The coastal town of Fowey sits on a stunning stretch of estuary that connects deeper parts of Cornwall through the South West Coastal Path. For all the walking enthusiasts out there, the 13.9 mile hike from Par to Polperro crosses the fishing village of Fowey as you track fields,  navigate coastal paths and climb zig-zagging hillsides. There are plenty of resting places to recharge and take in the beautiful views the Cornish coast has to offer.

Enjoy a plate of mussels straight from Fowey River.

You don’t always need to venture out to local restaurants to enjoy fresh fish from the Cornish river, the local seafood markets and fishmongers sell locally sourced fish from the River Fowey that is brimming with flavour. Ask the helpful staff with local knowledge about the best cooking techniques and enjoy a home cooked meal with 5 star ingredients.

Take the family to Charlestown Shipwreck Centre.

The Shipwreck Museum provides an opportunity for tourists and locals to experience how Shackleton and his crew voyaged through cold conditions on their expedition. Visit the transformed icy conditions beneath the museum to spend an hour or two in their shoes. Located above the port of Charlestown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will have the opportunity to view one of the largest collections of artefacts in Europe collected from over 150 shipwrecks. 

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