Combe Martin Beach
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The beaches near Combe Martin

Combe Martin sits on a truly spectacular stretch of the north Devon coastline and is dotted with secluded beaches where crystal blue seas gently lap away at the shore. Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an abundance of flora and fauna create a stunning backdrop for the handful of small beaches and coves. Little ones will love exploring the scattering of rockpools which are home to an array of marine life, whilst those who wish to stay dry can lap up the sun from the beach. Make a splash and hire stand-up paddle boards and kayaks so you can explore the coast on the water, if you’re lucky, you might spot the resident seal or a pod of dolphins.

Combe Martin Beach

Located just below the village at the bottom of the valley, marvel at the dazzling seas and lush surrounding landscapes of Combe Martin Beach. Sheltered from strong currents and winds, the water here is often calm and inviting, perfect for little ones and relaxing dips in the ocean. The conditions are perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, hire equipment or book a guided tour at Surfside Kayak Hire or OSKC Watersports, where friendly staff will guide you through safety instructions and different spots to explore. Combe Martins calm clear water often attracts seals and dolphins so keep your eyes peeled on still days for you may not be the only ones enjoying the water!

The beach is a stone’s throw away from many of the holiday cottages in Combe Martin & the main village car parks, so you don’t need to waste any precious beach time hunting out a space.

Four-legged friends are welcome from 1st October and 30th April. However, they are not allowed on the beach in summer months when it gets busy with holidaymakers.

Newberry Beach

Sitting just east of the main bay, Newberry Beach is a small pebbly cove where waggy-tailed guests are welcomed all year round. Perfect for stick-chasing adventures and dips in the sea, head to this welcoming bay for a little more shelter than the main beach. Park in the village and waste no time setting up camp for the day.

Wild Pear Beach

A steep but beautiful walk up towards the Hangman Cliffs will lead you to the enchanting bay of Wild Pear Beach. Once you have followed the South West Coast Path and found the signpost to the beach, you begin the steep descent back down to the water. The steps trail off and the final stint of the journey involves some clambering down the rocks to reach the beach, hence why it is often a more peaceful choice than the main beach- its seclude dposition also means it attracts naturists! Similarly to Combe Martin beach, the water at Wild Pear is calm and inviting making it perfect for a refreshing swim. Though the journey is steep the views it yields are fantastic, reaching as far as Wales on a clear day.

To visit Wild Pear you must park in the village and make your way along the South West Coast Path on foot. Dogs are welcomed all year round.


Known by some as ‘Little Thailand’, Broadsands Bay is a truly stunning beach tucked away between Combe Martin and Watermouth. Beneath towering cliffs and woodland, the vibrant colours of the water against this backdrop make you feel like you could be anywhere in the world, hence its exotic nickname! To access the beach on foot, you must walk along the South West Coast Path before descending 220 steps. The steep steps mean Broadsands is often a little quieter than the main beach, however, it is a popular pitstop for kayakers on sunny days and isn’t as much of a secret as it once was. Its calm waters mirror those of other beaches in the area, again making it a popular spot for the water sports available locally.

Parking is limited and you’ll need to find a spot behind the Sandy Cove Hotel before following the trail through the woods on foot. You will soon see the set of steps which wind their way down to the beach. Alternatively, hire a kayak and make a grand entrance on the water!

Four-legged friends are allowed to roam free at Broadsands all year round with no restrictions.

Watermouth Cove

2 miles away, secluded Watermouth Cove isn’t much of a sunbathing spot, but is a great place to get out and enjoy the water. Overlooked by Watermouth Castle, this cove sits on the South West Coast Path and has stunning far-reaching views across the glittering sea. If you feel like you’re being watched as you make your way to the cove, it might have something to do with the old lookout tower guarding the entrance! Another great spot to practice your water sports, hire equipment from Active Escape at Watermouth Cove Holiday Park and make a splash.

There is a small amount of parking at Watermouth Cove and dogs are allowed all year round

Common questions asked about the beaches near Combe Martin

Can I surf at Combe Martin?

The water at Combe Martin and its local beaches is very calm and best suited to kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. However, make the 11.5-mile trip to Woolacombe and Putsborough where the surf is perfect for all levels. Here, you can hire equipment and book lessons at the local surf schools and hire shops.

On which beaches can I walk my dog?

We realise that your waggy-tailed, fluffy-eared friend is an important member of the family, which is why we have some self-catering holiday cottages in Combe Martin where they are very welcome!

Due to its busy holiday season, Combe Martins main beach does not allow dogs from 1st May to 30th September. Wild Pear, Broadsands, and Watermouth all welcome stick-chasers all year round, though save some energy for the climb back up the steep hill at Wild Pear and the 220 steps at Broadsands!

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