How to get to St Mawes
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How to get to St Mawes

St. Mawes has long been a sought-after destination for travellers seeking tranquillity and natural beauty. Accessible by a combination of land, water, and air routes, this charming haven offers a variety of transportation options that cater to different preferences and travel styles. Whether you're an adventurer, a leisure-seeker, or a history buff, there's a mode of transport that will take you on a memorable journey to St. Mawes.

The Classic Drive

For those who relish the freedom of the open road and the chance to explore the scenic countryside at their own pace, a road trip to St. Mawes is an excellent choice. By car, you can navigate through winding country lanes, take in breath taking vistas, and make impromptu stops to discover hidden gems along the way. The A390 and A3078 roads connect St. Mawes to the rest of Cornwall, offering a glimpse of the region's diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to coastal vistas.

Sailing into Serenity

St. Mawes is located on the Roseland Peninsula, a place where land and sea merge in harmony. Embark on a sailing adventure to truly immerse yourself in the maritime ambiance of the area. The village's sheltered harbour provides a safe haven for sailors and yachtsmen alike. Arriving by boat allows you to appreciate the village from a unique perspective, as you approach its colorful buildings against the backdrop of the deep blue sea.

Crossing the Waters by Ferry

A ferry ride to St. Mawes is an experience that merges convenience with a touch of maritime romance. Ferries connect St. Mawes with the town of Falmouth, offering a leisurely way to traverse the water while enjoying scenic views of the coastline. The journey is not just a means of transportation; it's a chance to breathe in the salty air and watch seagulls swoop around the ferry.

Taking to the Skies

For those looking to make a swift and stylish entrance, flying to St. Mawes is an option worth considering. The nearest major airport is Newquay Cornwall Airport, located about 45 miles away. From there, you can either hire a car or make use of public transport to reach your final destination. Flying offers a bird's-eye view of Cornwall's unique landscapes, and it's an efficient way to get to St. Mawes for those who have limited time.

Embracing Public Transport

St. Mawes is well-connected to nearby towns and cities through a network of buses. Public transport offers a budget-friendly option for travellers who prefer to leave the driving to someone else. Buses run from locations like Truro and Falmouth, making it accessible for those who might not have access to a car. While the journey might take longer than a private car ride, it allows you to sit back and enjoy the passing scenery without the need to navigate unfamiliar roads.

The journey to St. Mawes is an adventure in itself, with a variety of transportation modes catering to different travel preferences. Whether you opt for a scenic drive, a serene sail, a leisurely ferry ride, a swift flight, or the convenience of public transport, each option offers its own unique charm. Whichever route you choose, the destination — St. Mawes — promises to captivate you with its coastal beauty, historical charm, and the sense of serenity that defines this picturesque Cornish village.

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