Things to do in St Mawes
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Things to do in St Mawes

Nestled along the idyllic coastline of Cornwall, England, lies the picturesque village of St. Mawes. With its stunning vistas, historical sites, and diverse range of activities, this coastal haven is a perfect destination for travellers seeking a mix of relaxation and adventure. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking to unwind, St. Mawes offers a plethora of activities to make your holiday a memorable one.

Discover Historical Treasures in St Mawes

St. Mawes boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. The imposing St. Mawes Castle is a must-visit attraction, showcasing its medieval architecture and offering breath taking views of the surrounding coastline. The castle, built by Henry VIII to defend against potential invasions, provides insight into the region's past while allowing visitors to soak in stunning panoramic vistas of the sea.

Seafaring Adventures

Given its coastal location, St. Mawes offers numerous opportunities for water-based activities. Sailing is a popular pastime, and the village's sheltered waters make it an ideal location for beginners and experienced sailors alike. You can also try kayaking, paddle boarding, or even take a leisurely boat tour to explore the coastline, spot marine life, and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

Coastal Walks around St Mawes

The scenic coastal paths that wind their way around St. Mawes provide the perfect setting for leisurely strolls and invigorating hikes. The South West Coast Path offers mesmerizing views of rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and emerald-green landscapes. Follow the trails to nearby beaches like Summers Beach or enjoy a walk to the nearby St. Anthony Head for even more spectacular vistas.

Gastronomic Delights

Indulge in Cornwall's culinary scene by sampling local delicacies and fresh seafood. The village is home to charming cafes, traditional pubs, and fine dining establishments, offering a range of flavors to suit every palate. From freshly caught fish and chips to artisanal ice cream, St. Mawes invites you to savour the tastes of the region.

Relax on the Beaches near St Mawes

St. Mawes boasts a collection of beautiful beaches, each with its own unique charm. Tavern Beach and Summers Beach are popular choices for sunbathing and swimming, while the Blue Flag-awarded Porthcurnick Beach offers pristine sands and shallow waters. Unwind, read a book, or build sandcastles as you soak up the coastal atmosphere.

Visit Nearby Gardens in St Mawes

For those seeking a tranquil escape, nearby gardens provide a peaceful retreat. The subtropical Trelissick Garden, with its vibrant flora, is a short ferry ride away and offers a leisurely stroll through its enchanting landscape. Discover rare plants, enjoy stunning views, and take in the tranquillity of these botanical havens.

Art and Culture

Embrace the local art scene by visiting galleries and studios that showcase the work of talented Cornish artists. The village is known for its creative community, and you'll find a variety of art forms, from paintings to ceramics, inspired by the region's beauty.

Explore Nearby Villages near St Mawes

St. Mawes serves as an excellent base for exploring other charming Cornish villages. Take a short drive or ferry ride to places like Falmouth, known for its maritime heritage and vibrant arts scene, or visit the historic town of Truro to explore its cathedral and shopping streets.

Wildlife Watching

Keep an eye out for local wildlife during your stay. Seals and dolphins are often spotted off the coast, and birdwatchers will delight in the variety of seabirds that call the area home.

Relax and Unwind

Ultimately, a holiday in St. Mawes offers the opportunity to slow down, unwind, and appreciate the natural beauty of the Cornish coast. Whether you're sipping a cup of tea by the harbor, watching sailboats gently sway, or simply enjoying the serene surroundings, St. Mawes is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In St. Mawes, every moment is a chance to immerse yourself in the region's rich history, breath taking landscapes, and relaxed way of life. Whether you're an adventure seeker or a leisure lover, this coastal gem promises a holiday experience that will stay with you long after you've left its shores.

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