Holidays in St Mawes Guide
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Visitor Guide to St Mawes

St Mawes is a charming village on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall, blessed with riverside views and the relaxing site of boats floating by throughout the day. With many fantastic holiday homes in St Mawes there are a number of family friend cottages and dog friendly cottages to choose from meaning you are sure to find the perfect cottages in Mawes for you. 

Thanks to the stunning location, St Mawes has a number of holiday activities to keep your family entertained throughout your holiday in Cornwall. Our St Mawes guide has dove deep into the very best places to eat and drink in Mawes, beaches near St Mawes, things to do in St Mawes and directions on how to get to St Mawes. We have taken the stress and hassle of hours of research away meaning you can spend more time with your loved ones exploring the joys of St Mawes.

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