Why use an agent to market your holiday let?

Find out the benefits of working with an agency to market your holiday home.

Holiday Property Management

  • Enquiry Management
  • Guest Management 
  • Stress free life
  • Personal service 
  • Frequent contact
  • Pricing advice
  • Handling payments
  • Handling complaints

Sometimes it takes an industry expert to get a job done. Whilst each individual job in holiday property management may seem simple, when everything is put together it can become incredibly busy and difficult to see the forest from the trees. 

An agency will help to take away the holiday cottage related stress and provide their expertise to support you in communicating with guests, managing listings and controlling payments to ensure the process of marketing and managing your holiday cottage appears seamless. 

Sometimes it is better to take a step back and allow someone else to handle the daily management of your holiday cottage - a professional holiday cottage management expert is well versed in dealing with guests from enquiries, to booking management and in the event of an unhappy guest their complaints. 

A personal team of dedicated property managers take their time to get to know you as the owner and the ins and outs of the property, so when guests have questions we are able to liaise with the guests without having to annoy you with the small details. This is often the reason a property manager is able to increase booking rates, through supportive and knowledgeable advice when dealing with guests. 

Holiday Cottage Marketing

  • Social Media
  • Multiple online listings
  • Website development 
  • Photography
  • E-Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO

Even a great product needs to be marketed correctly. Without the correct marketing plan that portrays your property in the correct light to the most appropriate target audience you may end up with gaps in your calendar. We believe in a smart marketing approach that uses multiple marketing channels to target specific audiences to maximise your bookings. 

We use professionally taken photography to create bespoke websites and advertising listings written by a member of our team that has visited your property, ensuring all advertising is as accurate as possible. 

Maximising the reach of your property will help it to be seen by the most people possible. Whilst the big players do dominate the marketing there are plenty of opportunities on niche affiliate websites that help to drive awareness and traffic to your website. In addition to the standard property listings we also manage a number of google channels that are vital in supporting your website's presence. Google Ads and Google Business are key partners in creating a more rounded business platform to help communicate with guests when they are trying to learn more about your property and help you stand out from the competition. 

Holiday Property PR & Wider Partnerships

  • PR outreach
  • Local charity work 
  • Collaborations and Partnerships with local businesses 

Often an agency will have greater access to resources that may not have been available to yourself as an individual owner. Local PR and the support of charities and businesses to further promote any advertising efforts can often help elevate the status of your property. PR and advertorials provide an opportunity to communicate with guests in a personal way by telling your story, what makes your property special and why they should visit. Digital and print are great ways to increase reach and attract a new audience. If your property has an interesting feature, 100% green or is in a unique location, this can help to capture the attention of users and further promote the property.