Good Websites Do Business

The importance of a well-designed website for your holiday property business.

Well of course, as designers of websites for holiday property owners we would say this: that badly designed websites, no matter how cheap just ain't worth having... so it's nice whenever our view is backed up by independent market in this instance:

70% don’t trust badly designed websites

March 9, 2011

New research suggests small companies do themselves no favours by having a poor online presence UK small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are damaging their businesses with a poor online presence. Some 70% of people claim they would not buy from a company with a badly designed website, according to research carried out by OnePoll.

The research also found that two thirds of business owners believe how a company website looks is more important than the location of the business. This makes it even more vital that a company’s website gives the right impression of the business.

A good site should tell a story - in the right order - blending emotional triggers with helpful facts and information. A good site should also be perfect - or as near damn perfect as you can make it. I think it was United Airlines who used the phrase:  "Coffee cup stains on our seat tray tops mean we don't service our engines."

So, maybe a self catering website site that doesn't function properly implies you don't change your bed linen. Yuk!

When you're thinking of having your site redesigned - don't base all your decisions around the price, otherwise you may end up with the equivalent of a Mercedes with no engine on your drive:  Looks impressive - goes nowhere. By the way - customer feedback to date suggests that the website for the apartments at The Chalet offers a totally coffee stain free environment!