Things to consider before buying a holiday let

Before you buy a holiday let make sure you do your research and read what we believe are the most important things to think about before buying a holiday home.


  • Beach Cottages 
  • Countryside Cottages
  • City, Town, Village Houses
  • Riverside Cottages

The location you choose to buy your holiday home in is arguably one of the most important factors, not only do you need to consider your needs as the owner but also the needs of the guests you will be hosting. As the owner you reserve the right to use your holiday cottage as and when you please (providing it’s not booked), and therefore you want to make sure you buy your holiday home in a location that you will enjoy visiting. Understandably, the beach is often a very popular location when it comes to North Devon coastal cottages as often the general public want to escape to the seaside on their one main holiday of the year and enjoy the warm sands and cold water. Other popular locations include the countryside for a remote retreat, a city break or a hybrid that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds by being well connected to numerous popular attractions. 


  • Large Cottage
  • Small Cottage
  • Cottage Complex

Bigger is not always better and small is not also cosy. There is never a one size fits all when it comes to the perfect holiday home as no two families are the same and each family looking to stay will have different requirements - from the bed configuration to the ceiling heights that will mean your property is either perfect or not the right fit for them. Understanding what makes your property unique and being able to communicate the selling points regardless of size can allow you to target your marketing to the right audience, so if you have a small cottage you market to couples and if you have a large property you are speaking to groups. 

The size of cottage you choose to buy will also impact the amount of work you need to put in to ensure it is guest ready. It will come as no surprise that larger cottages take longer to clean, cost more to run and can be harder to book as you will require larger groups to come together; but if you can get it right you are guaranteed to earn more from a larger property than a small property, which may be important for you as an owner.


  • Hot Tub
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Games Room
  • Electric charge point
  • Off road car parking
  • Garden
  • Playroom, PlayStation, table football, table tennis, darts etc

When guests stay at a holiday cottage they are looking for the full experience, this means a bed in a room and a kitchen with appliances is expected and standard across all accommodation providers, therefore, to stand out from the competition adding highly desired amenities puts your property on a pedestal. 

Cottage with Hot tubs, swimming pools, games rooms and sports facilities are frequently requested and searched for when guests are looking for their special holiday cottage. Not only will these amenities help you stand out from the crowded holiday cottage market but it will also allow you to charge a higher rental and you are more likely to get positive reviews from happy guests, which will have a positive impact upon future bookings.