Top 5 tips for travelling with your dog

Top tips when travelling with your dog for a dog friendly holiday in the UK

  1. Remember leaving the house can be scary for them

A dog does not understand why you are leaving for a holiday and not all dogs enjoy the car therefore it is important to make them feel safe in the car throughout the journey. Bringing toys for them in the car, giving them treats or evening sitting in the back with them or closer to them can help to relax your dog and make it easier for them to settle once you do arrive at your holiday cottage. If you are allowing your dog to sit in the back seats rather than the boot, the safest way to drive is to attach a seatbelt to their harness or collar to prevent them from jumping around and distracting you. Your dog may take a few minutes to sniff the place out as there may have been a number of dogs at the house over the years.

Dog Friendly Cottages
  1. Take breaks!

The last thing you want is an accident in the back of the car that is going to stink you out for the next 4 hours or longer if you get stuck in traffic. It can help to take your dog for a nice long walk before you leave and make sure they have done their 1’s & 2’s before they get in the car (similar to with a child). Take a break at a service station and let them stretch their legs and go to the toilet if needed, this can also give them a chance to release any built up energy and may make the journey easier for you. A quick break may just stop them from chewing on the headrest of your new leather seats…

Pet Friendly Cottages
  1. Have some fun!

It is a holiday for your dog just as it is a holiday for you so remember to go on nice walks and give them a well earned break and treat them to plenty of cuddles and chews.

  1. Do some research in advance

Make sure you choose a location & a holiday home that is dog friendly with plenty of dog friendly walks and dog friendly beaches so you do not have to keep your four legged ball of energy on their lead the entire time. If your dog friendly holiday accommodation has rules about pets be sure to stick to the rules to make sure the owners don’t change their mind and stop allowing dogs or charge you for extra cleaning. Finding dog friendly places to eat and drink will mean you do not need to leave your dog on their own which is a last resort.

Dog friendly holiday homes
  1. Don't leave your pet alone

Whether it is in your self-catered accommodation, the car or a cafe, do not leave your dog on their own. The last thing you need is a clean up job after they have made a mess or upset a stranger because you were not concentrating on your dog. It is dangerous to leave your dog in the car, especially when the temperature rises so be sure to crack a window if you must or better yet take your dog with you. 

Taking your dog on holiday with you is a real treat and something to be treasured but let's not forget the risks and the simple steps we can take to mitigate these risks and reduce any negative impact of having your dog with you on your self-catered dog friendly holiday.