How to entertain the kids on holiday

Whether you're actually “on holiday” in the UK or home with the kids over a school holiday, children will always need to be entertained.

Whether you're actually “on holiday” in the UK or home with the kids over a school holiday, children will always need to be entertained. Of course you can stick them in front of the TV or with them a game console to play a computer game, but it’s so much better and more stimulating to get involved in a game or activity. So here are a few random ideas that will help you keep the little darlings amused.

Good Weather Holiday Activities

If you’re lucky enough to be in the country or by the seaside, then mother nature will usually supply you with some natural entertainment.

Providing the weather is good, you can simply go for a walk in the country or along the coastal path and whilst you're doing that, give them something to do, like collecting different types of leaves from trees or spotting animal trails or collecting shells on the beach. 

There are of course the old favourites like making a sand castle or digging a dam with the sand.

In the country, provided you do not damage any natural foliage or trees, you could make a hide-out or play hide and seek.

Going for a bike ride is always a great way to keep the kids entertained and tire them out but make sure they wear helmets and follow a cycle path if you can, especially if you are on holiday in an area you don’t know.

The more you can get the kids outside in the sun and fresh air the better, so remember to take a ball or a bat and ball, anything where they can play a game and run around.

Another great activity is to create a treasure hunt for all the family to play, this can be as hard or easy as you like depending on the ages of the kids.

If you are by the sea, look out for surf schools or Kayaking instructors, many beaches will have local guides who can take the whole family out for a day and explore the coast. A more recent activity available in coastal resorts is Coasteering, where you can follow a guide along the rocks and jump in the sea to get along the coastline. 

Bad Weather Holiday Activities

But what do you do if the weather is bad and your stuck inside, here is a list of a few ideas that might help stimulate the imagination;

  1. Do some fun baking, make some cookies or “Ginger-bread-men” or home made pizza’s.
  2. Teach or learn a new skill like juggling or a musical instrument
  3. Act out a play or do your own X-Factor
  4. Play cards or any other board game
  5. Play inside games like “hide and seek” or “Sardines”
  6. Play with putty or clay and make shapes
  7. Make different shaped Ice-lollies
  8. Make a time capsule that you can bury when the weather improves
  9. Painting - a picture
  10. Face painting

Whatever the weather there are always a number of great activities to do to entertain your kids, our top tip is to keep an eye out on the local community chats or posters in the village hall for local attractions that are taking place.