Top 5 tips for a beach holiday

Learn our top 5 tips for your beach holiday and make sure you do not make the rookie mistakes that will leave you wishing you’d done your coastal trip differently. Wherever it is you’re going, our top tips will help you make the most of your coastal holiday with loved ones.

Do some research before you go. 

There are so many beaches along the coastline from beautiful white sandy beaches to stone pebble beaches with steep cliff drops, so make sure you know where you are going and what to expect. Not every beach has lifeguards, for example, Croyde is a very popular beach in North Devon but due to the dangerous rip tides the lifeguards patrol the beaches in the Summer months, yet just around the point Saunton Beach does not have lifeguards at all. It is also important to understand where the carpark & toilet facilities are located so whoever you have in your group there is not a mad dash throughout the day when you need to exit the beach. 

If you’re going for the day, take some equipment.

A day at the beach can be very tiresome and difficult if you do not plan in advance. Simple items such as a windbreak, deck chair, beach towels or a rug are lifesavers when it comes to a long day at the beach to make sure you do not get sand everywhere and to make sure you are comfortable. Some beaches do offer certain items for hire or if you’re lucky and there is a shop nearby like at Woolacombe beach, you can walk up from the beach and purchase these beach essentials. It is also vitally important that you do not forget the sunscreen on those sunny summer days, heat stroke is not a laughing matter and it is sure to set you back a few days on your holiday. Some self-catering accommodation may supply beach essentials in their welcome pack, but if not please make sure you go to the shop before making your way to the beach.

Be respectful of other people 

A day at the beach can be incredibly relaxing and peaceful but if you are playing loud music, swearing or otherwise being a nuisance it can impact on the enjoyment of other people on the beach. If you do want to play music, why not go further down the beach and make sure you are not upsetting other beach goers. Also remember to pick up your rubbish and leave no trace! The water is lovely in Devon and Cornwall and we want to keep it that way so be sure to take all your leftover plastic with you when you leave the beach. 

Pick your location carefully

Not every beach has the perfect waves, white sand, easy access and ample space for lots of people. When booking your coastal cottage make sure you know the tide times and do not end up getting stuck on a beach and require help to get back home safely. Whilst some people love to sit down as soon as they arrive on the beach to make a swift exist come the end of the day,  you may end up in the walkway for the next 5 hours so if you prefer some quiet time whilst sunbathing it may be better to walk a little further before you set up base camp. Also remember to check where the sun sets and if it’s windy, which direction the wind is blowing. An evening sunset is a beach holiday bucket list must, you would hate to miss it because you chose the wrong location.

Make the most of your time on the beach

If you don’t live locally and want to make the most of your time on the beach why not get a surf lesson or go coasteering with a local team and experience what makes the beaches in the South West so special. Many of the beaches in Cornwall and Devon including Croyde, Saunton & Woolacombe have a number of surf schools and coasteering companies to introduce you to the local ways.  

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