Beach Holiday Guide & Safety Tips

Learn how to stay safe when on your beach holiday in Devon and learn out safety tips when walking the coastal paths in Devon or enjoying a trip to the beach in Devon when on your coastal holiday.

Best things to do on a beach holiday in Devon

A coastal cottage in Devon can feel like the closest thing to a holiday abroad without paying an arm and a leg on flights. Driving to the coast and enjoying a week by the sea with your loved ones is a great way to spend your 2023 holiday. 

Our beach holiday bucket list will be sure to get you off on the right foot when you arrive at your coastal holiday home in Devon. 

Safety Warning About a Coastal Holiday In Devon 

Going on holiday in Devon is a very special occasion and the last thing you want is for an accident to get in the way. Follow our simple recommendation and read the relevant guidance to ensure you stay safe. 

Safety in the water in Devon

The lifeguards throughout Devon are amazing at their job but they need you to help yourself by staying inside the flags and listening to instructions. It is best to not swim by yourself in case the worst does happen, take a friend and be safe. 

Safety when walking by the coast in Devon

Devon is surrounded by lovely coastal path walks with sea views but not all paths are flat and easy to walk and some paths cross cliff edges that can make for some dangerous adventures. The coast guests will be on hand should you require their assistance but by taking the appropriate precautionary steps you can avoid any traumatic events taking place during your holiday in Devon. 

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