A Guide to Renting Your Holiday Cottage

Just in case you missed it, here's a quick recap about our new Rocket Cottage Science campaign!

It’s not Rocket Cottage Science - a simple guide
to renting a holiday cottage

In case, you’ve missed our previous issues or just need a quick recap, My Favourite Cottages are delighted to introduce our “it’s not rocket cottage science” campaign. A local North Devon based agency that began when it’s managing director converted an old barn to let as a holiday cottage when he wished to maximise the assets of his traditional farmhouse he had bought when relocating his family to Devon. As an ex-London Ad man, Harry was an experienced marketeer and although had no experience in the holiday letting market felt surely it can’t be rocket science.

From the success of letting his own property as a holiday cottage, Harry felt he had found a different way of doing things so hence founded My Favourite Cottages.  Using this new approach that bases the success of holiday letting on four basic principles – Product, Price, Place and Promotion (McCarthy’s 4 P’s) and is felt to have contributed greatly to this small independent agency’s success , where in just six years it has grown from managing 0 to 100 properties in some of the best locations in North Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and even Scotland.

Put simply, it’s all about the having the right PRODUCT – your property! It doesn’t matter whether this is a new investment, a conversion from an old barn or a property you already own as holiday let, how you choose to renovate, furnish and present your property will affect the other three factors.

Although, everyone is looking for something slightly different for their perfect break, you need to understand who your cottage is likely to appeal to -
based on the location of your property (PLACE) and therefore ensure that your property is presented to fit their aspirations.

When setting the PRICE for your property, remember that the self-catering accommodation market is extremely price sensitive. There is always a ceiling for the size, type, finish and location of your property.

Finally for PROMOTION, holiday letting really is a changing market place. Holiday brochures are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with more people searching for their next break online. It can be a full-time job trying to find and set up listings on the best on-line sites if you do it alone, and then if you let through a holiday letting agency with national reach, you may find you’ll still be restricted to a specific target audience.

If you’d like to find out more about this unique approach to holiday letting, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to send you a FREE guide explaining our approach in more detail. Please get in touch with Harry by calling 01271 377 432 or by emailing harry@myfavouritecottages.co.uk

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