6 staycation ideas for your holiday

If you’re looking for a new and exciting holiday that’ll entertain you and your family or loved ones, we have selected our top 6 staycation ideas that’ll make a break in the UK your next favourite thing.

  1. Coastal Holiday

Escaping to a coastal cottage is always a popular holiday, and it’s not surprising that this is on our list. Being by the sea is a therapy that doesn’t cost money and gives you a new lease of life as you listen to the waves crashing against the rocks and the seagulls squawking as they fly by looking for chips. Enjoy the warm sands and clear waters as you listen to cheerful music and enjoy the company of loved ones. Finding yourself the perfect holiday cottage with sea views is simple and easy, providing you plan in advance, and can turn your escape into a guaranteed success. Popular locations such as Woolacombe, Tynemouth or St Ives are family friendly, heart warming coastal hotspots brimming with life and energy throughout the holiday season. You do not need to pay an arm and a leg to afford a coastal villa as there are ample beachfront apartments that give you all the space and amenities you will need at a fraction of the cost. 

Top tip: Do some research into the area before booking and make sure the coastal location you choose has all of the extras you are looking for, such as sea sports, town life, village shop etc.

Holiday Cottage in Devon
  1. Walking Holiday

Whether you are trekking the South West coastal path or trudging up the Scottish highlands a walking holiday offers you free access to the great outdoors. There are 46 areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK that make for the perfect holiday destination with great views and a new level of remote isolation that is uniquely special in a world that is always on the move. Get away from the buzz and technology of modern life and reconnect with your loved ones on a 10 mile walk into the wilderness. It's a beautiful way to spend your holiday. 

Top tip: To make the most of your walking holiday it can help to get the right gear, a good pair of walking shoes and a waterproof jacket can save you from a walking disaster. 

Walking Holiday in the UK
  1. A holiday complex for the family 

If you come from a large and extended family, finding the right holiday for you can be difficult but with the emergence of holiday cottage complexes that have multiple cottages on one site you may have found yourself a solution. Not only can holiday complexes accommodate multiple families, they also offer you privacy when life gets too much and you need your own space. Additionally, holiday complexes will often have fantastic facilities such as tennis courts or swimming pools that make for the perfect family entertainment when on your holiday.

Top tip: Make sure you book at least one large cottage with a dining and entertainment area big enough to accommodate the multiple guests in your party. There’s nothing worse than cramming around a small table. 

  1. Glamping / Hut life

Size doesn’t always matter, sometimes the location and the company is all that counts. Glamping and holiday huts have increased in popularity in recent years and the unique holiday experience is here to stay. In 2018, glamping search data was at roughly 180,700* whereas in 2022 this has increased up to 843,120* and is still rising. We saw an unprecedented increase in 2020 following lockdown regulations and a shift in holiday habits, which shortly after returned to pre covid levels.  

Glamping is a great way to connect with nature and experience a different type of holiday. Lose yourself in the middle of nowhere and camp out under the stars in a shepherds hut or glamping pod that is minimalist and gives you the opportunity to take a breath and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. 

*Search numbers from Google Keyword Planner takes variations of search terms that include ‘Glamping’ into consideration. 

Top tip: Read the reviews before booking, some glamping sites are very new and have not yet learnt how to survive in the industry and are not up to the standard. You won’t want to arrive only to find the tents look nothing like the images.

  1. Holiday Home Hoping

A recent shift in holiday habits has meant short breaks are even easier to find with OTAs tending to have a guest focussed approach meaning you can get a short break at a great price. Why not take advantage of the short break trend and book 3 nights in one property and another 3 nights in another property giving yourself the treat of multiple self-catering holidays in different locations & holiday homes. The downside of this is that you have to pack and unpack multiple times, which can be an unnecessary stress but it does give you the freedom to enjoy multiple holidays at the same time. 

Top tip: Try and speak to the owners directly and ask for the best price to ensure your holiday home hopping is efficient and not too costly. 

  1. Campervans

Renting a campervan and trekking across the country is a great way to take in the sites and not be tied down to one location. It’s easy to search for a campsite that has availability near a beach and drive down for a couple nights. If you manage to get a campervan with ample space you can relax and enjoy a comfortable few days with an ever changing view of beaches and sunsets. Just make sure you don’t go down too many country roads as not all locals are welcoming when it comes to campervans on the road. A few important things to remember before starting your campervan holiday to keep you entertained:

  1. Does your campervan have electricity or gas power?
  2. Where is the nearest petrol station on your route?
  3. Remember to bring entertainment such as a book or a pack of cards.
  4. Take a bike so you can go on adventures.  
  5. Use the free wifi in cafes rather than wasting your data

Top tip: Plan your route in advance so you have a rough idea of where you want to go and what you want to see but leave yourself some wiggle room in case you fall in love with an area.