Walking holiday in Hartland
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Walks in Hartland

A selection of the best walks in Hartland showcasing the beautiful scenery and rugged landscape in Hartland from Hartland Point to Speke Mill.

Speke Mill

For anyone looking for a beautiful waterfall cascading down the cliff face this is the walk for you. A gentle coastal path crosses the area of outstanding natural beauty to reveal the moment the countryside river meets the ocean and a dramatic eruption of aquatic beauty. A straight 1.8 mile walk there and back with a car park nearby and a pub to ease your recovery after.  

Mouthmill and Blackchurch rock 

A beautiful 2.5 mile loop showcasing some of the most amazing coastal rock formations and countryside paths as you follow the river inland before reaching the lower Brownsham tea room to rejoin the river as you return on your journey back to the coast. 

East Titchberry & Eldern Point Loop

A beautiful loop passed a tranquil beach with pebble stones and clear blue water as you voyage on the South West coastal path past Eldern Point. The loop follows the coastal path on the way there showcasing beautiful coastal views and then countryside paths on your return journey. The walk starts and finishes at the Tichberry car park for easy access and secure parking. 

Hartland Point Walking Loop

A 13 mile loop offering unrivalled views of the Hartland coastline as you enjoy the area of natural beauty in all its glory. The walk starts from the centre of Hartland before journeying towards the coastline, from here you explore the coastal path moving South towards Screda Point, a charming pebble beach. The walk continues along this path crossing a number of beautiful beaches and fantastic look out points in a circular walk as you return to Hartland square car park. 

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