Things to do on Exmoor
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Things To Do On Exmoor

Exmoor is an outdoor enthusiast's dream, from charming walks to enchanting experiences connecting with nature there is so much to do during your holiday on Exmoor. There are a number of holiday cottages on Exmoor perfectly located to enjoy the many activities Exmoor has to offer. Whether you’re looking to take day trips to the beach or visit the charming villages across Exmoor.

Explore local villages on Exmoor

Exmoor has a number of hidden gems, nestled in the rolling countryside hills that reveal a charming local village with craft shops, fantastic pubs and cafes and a number of wonderful walks from the centre of the village. Popular villages such as Dunster are frequently visited to walk the stone streets and admire the beauty of the village. There are a number of holiday cottages on Exmoor in popular villages such as Porlock and Dunster, both perfectly located to enjoy the delights on Exmoor. Dunster hosts seasonal events such as Dunster by Candle Light which attracts thousands of cheering locals and tourists to sing songs and enjoy local treats before experiencing a firework display and the turning on of the lights. 

Take a ride on the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

Lynton and Lynmouth, often known for the tragic incident that occurred when the river burst its banks, but now a popular coastal locations to enjoy the pebble beach and scenic views from the hillside. The Cliff Railway is a unique experience as you travel up the cliff face allowing the coastal views to reveal themselves the higher you climb. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a homely meal from the local pubs to refuel you ahead of your trip to the coast at Lynton and Lynmouth.

Explore centuries of history at Dunster Castle.

Dunster Castle is a former Middle Ages fortress that has been transformed into a family home now a beautiful tourism attractions standing tall amongst the trees on the hillside. The terrace gardens provide a variety of plants to be adorned over whilst the lower garden which runs alongside the river leading to the working watermill. There is a pop-up cafe and onsite watermill tea room for refreshments and a player area for the kids to charge around. You can explore parts of the castle by taking the Attic Tour, guided by a knowledgeable tour guide to take you on a trip around the castle and its history. 

Horse-riding on one of Exmoor national park’s scenic bridleways.

Exmoor has a number of bridleways across the moorland allowing you to trot or gallop yourself across acres of open space, breathing in a breath of fresh air. There are many stables that have guided tours so you can explore Exmoor on horseback in the company of a professional. You may meet a few of the local horses on the Moor who are wild and live happily on Exmoor. 

Walking on Exmoor

Exmoor is just one of the many locations across the South West that houses the South West Walking Path routes, from rural excursions to well maintained paths. Valley of The Rocks is a coastal walk that takes on the South West Coastal Path showcasing stunning sea views, there is a charming team room up from the car park for a light refreshment after a long walk. Other popular walks on Exmoor include Tarr Steps, Dunkery Beacon and Headons Mouth. Exmoor is a walking holiday dream destination, with so many beautiful walks you can experience the charm of Exmoor on foot.

Meet marmosets, pumas and lemurs at Exmoor Zoo.

Transports yourself to the plains of Africa and introduce yourself to foreign animals only seen on TV. Exmoor Zoo, home to the Exmoor Beast, is a fantastic day trip for the whole family. Take in the wide array of animals that are loved by locals and tourists meeting reptiles, mammals, amphibians and more. The zoo is open all year round and as well as looking after beautiful animals also has a play area, cafe and fantastic facilities to make your time at Exmoor Zoo comfortable and easy. Exmoor Zoo is a great way to make memories during your holiday on Exmoor, perfectly located just south of Blackmoor Gate so wherever you’re staying on Exmoor you can easily get to Exmoor Zoo.

Go the the beach on Exmoor

Exmoor may be more commonly known for the moorland that connects charming villages like Dunster or Exford, but there are also a number of beautiful beaches and coastal locations. Porlock Bay, Woody Bay and Lynton and Lynmouth all offer stunning sea views from your holiday home. Many of the cottages in Porlock are sea front so you don’t have to drive to enjoy the beach during your holiday on Exmoor. Although not all of the beaches are lifeguard protected there are a number of enchanting swimming spots to enjoy a cold dip, Woody Bay is often alive with cold water swimming and locals enjoying a picnic in the Bay.

Wander to the Iron Age hill fort of Cow Castle, near Exford

Cow Castle is an Iron Age Fort dating back to the late Bronze Age, the rare hill fort that was chosen due to its defensive capabilities and riverside location. It is speculated that due to population increase the small hillside fort was no longer suitable and the population could no longer live here. There are a number of walks that cross the path, offering stunning views and a reminder of the history and value this land has had over the years. 

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