Is Exmoor Devon or Somerset
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Is Exmoor Devon or Somerset?

Exmoor spreads across both Devon and Somerset with parts of West Somerset and North Devon being covered by Exmoor. The wide range of towns, villages and hamlets on Exmoor means there is a variety of places to stay and popular locations to visit.

What villages in North Devon are in Exmoor?

Popular villages such as Lynton and Lynmouth, Dunster and Combe Martin are in North Devon but showcase the beautiful of Exmoor offering both coastal holidays and a also countryside. From many of the popular villages on Exmoor you can find a beach a short drive away whilst also being able to get on the moor equally as easily. 

What villages on Exmoor are in Somerset?

The dividing line between North Devon and Somerset may not always be clear but popular villages such as Dulverton, Porlock and Minehead all fall in Somerset. Many of the villages on Exmoor in Somerset have a wealth of historical significance with ruins or castles like Dunster Castle still present today. There are also some stunning beaches in Somerset on the Exmoor coastline perfect for beach trips whilst on holiday in Exmoor.

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