Things to do in Instow
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Things to do in Instow

If you're planning a holiday near Instow, a charming village nestled on the North Devon coast in England, you're in for a delightful and memorable experience. This picturesque destination is a hidden gem with its beautiful sandy beaches, stunning coastal walks, and rich maritime history. To make the most of your holiday, we've compiled a list of the best things to do while you're in the vicinity of Instow.

Explore the Beaches

Instow is renowned for its sandy beaches, offering breathtaking views of the estuary and Appledore beyond the water and views of Braunton Burrows to the right. Spend your days basking in the sun, building sandcastles with the family, or taking a leisurely stroll along the shore. The gentle, shallow waters are perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, and even kite surfing, making it an ideal destination for water enthusiasts. This beach is not protected by lifeguards so please do not enter the water unless you are confident. The ice cream van offers local ice creams and even a dollop of cream if you want to enjoy your ice cream like a local. Instow Beach is dog-friendly and frequently visited by owners from across North Devon.

Watersports and Activities

For those seeking adventure, the beach in Instow is an excellent place to try various watersports. You can rent kayaks or paddleboards, learn to sail, or even go windsurfing. The local water sports schools provide lessons and equipment rental, making it accessible for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. The harbour in Appledore just across the estuary provides a great mooring spot and more opportunities to hire equipment if Instow is fully booked. 

Cycle the Tarka Trail

The Tarka Trail, a 180-mile long route, is a haven for cyclists and walkers. Instow is conveniently located along the trail, offering you the opportunity to explore the stunning North Devon countryside and the Taw-Torridge Estuary. You can rent bicycles in the village, making it easy to embark on this scenic adventure. Cycle from Instow to Braunton and back for a full day of cycling and stunning scenery. 

Visit the Instow Arms

Enjoy some local flavour by dining at the Instow Arms, a popular pub that serves delicious food and a wide selection of beverages. The pub's riverside location and outdoor seating make it the perfect place to unwind, relax, and savour traditional British pub fare. Be sure to try some fresh seafood, a speciality in this coastal region.

Take a Trip to Appledore

Appledore, just a short ferry ride across the estuary from Instow, is another must-visit destination. This charming fishing village is steeped in maritime history and offers quaint streets lined with colourful houses, art galleries, and traditional pubs. Stroll along the quay, visit the North Devon Maritime Museum, or indulge in some local seafood at one of the waterside restaurants. Enjoy fish and chips on the waterfront or take the kids to the play park to work off some of their holiday energy before returning to your family holiday home in North Devon.

Coastal Walks

The South West Coast Path offers stunning coastal walks with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the rugged terrain, cliffs, and hidden coves as you meander along this iconic trail. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the breathe taking scenery. Following the South West Coastal Path, you can enjoy a gentle walk from Instow to Appledore and onto Westward Ho! If the walk to Westward Ho! Is enough you can always catch the bus back home. 

Discover Lundy Island

If you're an adventurous traveller, don't miss the chance to visit Lundy Island. It's a short boat trip from Bideford and offers a unique opportunity to explore a remote and unspoiled island. Lundy is a designated Marine Conservation Zone, making it perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and divers. Be sure to check out the availability as boat trips are seasonal and get booked up first as visitors are keen to enjoy the local flora and fauna living on the remote island. A lovely family of seals will welcome you from the water if you’re brave enough to go swimming.

Instow's Local Events

Keep an eye on local events during your visit to Instow. The village hosts various festivals and gatherings throughout the year, including the Instow and Appledore Regatta, which features boat races, live music, and entertainment for all ages. A heart warming event which is enjoyed by locals and tourists who are willing to take part in some light-hearted competition racing through the cold waters. A number of seasonal events take place in the local village call such as Christmas craft fairs and the community show in Summer.

Instow and its surroundings offer a diverse range of activities and attractions to suit any holidaymaker. From relaxing on sandy beaches and indulging in delicious local cuisine to exploring historical villages and embarking on thrilling adventures, there's something for everyone. Whether you're seeking relaxation or excitement, a holiday near Instow is sure to provide an unforgettable experience in one of North Devon's most charming and beautiful locations.

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