How to get to Croyde and other villages
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How to get to Croyde

Our quick tips for getting to Croyde from the best roads to take and those to avoid we can planned your route so you can sit back and enjoy the views and your cruise through North Devon.

Unless you are experienced at back lane driving in Devon and are comfortable with reversing more than 100 yards, our advice would be to stick to the main roads. 

If you have never been to North Devon before, stay on the main link road (A361) all of the way to Barnstaple and then follow the signs for Ilfracombe and Braunton. Along the way you should find yourself crossing the Taw Bridge, it is quite high, you can’t miss it and it enjoys some wonderful estuary views. Head into the centre of Braunton, approximately 5 miles from Barnstaple. Invariably there is a traffic jam, especially in the summer, be patient and take the left hand turn at the main cross roads in the centre of Braunton, don’t be tempted with alternative sat nav routes, as this route will be the most convenient. You should now be on the main road to Croyde, approximately 5 miles in distance from Braunton, you will approach Saunton with the hotel, golf club and beach to your left. There are a few places to stop above the beach, so make sure you capture a photo of one of the UK’s most photographed beaches.  

If you are only visiting Croyde for the day and it is hot and sunny, the best place to park is at Down End, the village can be busy, and it is often not worth trying to make your way through it.

Croyde to Woolacombe

Travel time: 15 minutes

Public Transport: Buses do not go direct from Croyde to Woolacombe. You will need to get the 21C bus to Braunton, before changing to the 21 bus to Mullacott and finally the 31 to Woolacombe.

Driving: If you drive, you can take the back roads via Georgeham to get to Woolacombe in 15 minutes, however, the road can be narrow in places and busy in the school holidays. 

Croyde to Georgeham 

Travel Time: 5 minutes

Public Transport: The 21C bus runs from Croyde to Georgeham.

Driving: The road to Georgeham is accessible via the back of Croyde passing the Manor on your left.

Croyde to Braunton

Travel Time: 13 minutes

Public transport: The 21C bus takes 23 minutes to get from Croyde to Braunton.

Driving: To get from Croyde to Braunton via car you will take the Saunton road, this should take around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. 

Croyde to Barnstaple

Travel time: 27 minutes

Public Transport: The 21C bus takes 47 minutes to get from Croyde to Barnstaple.

Driving: To drive to Barnstaple from Croyde you will need to take the Saunton road to Braunton and then continue on the A361 to Barnstaple. This route is about 30 minutes. 

Croyde to Instow

Travel Time: It takes 34 minutes to drive to Instow from Croyde

Public Transport: It takes 1hr 22 minutes via bus. Firstly you’ll need to take the 21c to Barnstaple followed by the 21/21A or 5B to Instow.

Driving: To drive to Instow you will need to take the Saunton road followed by the A361 to Barnstaple. From Barnstaple you will need to take the A3125 through Sticklepath, Fremington and Bickington to arrive at Instow. It should take no more than 35 minutes unless it is a busy day on the roads. 

Croyde to Ilfracombe

Travel Time: It takes 21 minutes to get to Ilfracombe

Public Transport: Buses from Croyde to Ilfracombe take 54 minutes, you will need to take the 21C to Braunton followed by the 21 to Ilfracombe.

Driving: To drive to Ilfracombe you can either follow the bus route back to Braunton and round to Ilfracombe or you can take the backroads via Georgeham, past Woolacombe and rejoin the main road at Mullacott Cross. 

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