Booking Management and Property Marketing

At My Favourite Cottages, we have one rule – to focus on the individual and their cottage

Our approach is very different from other standard letting agencies. We know that if you can drive a potential booker to a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website, which is promoting an individual property, then the chances of securing a booking are much higher.

The small and friendly team at My Favourite Cottages will get to know you and your property before creating your website, setting up and managing your marketing and successfully dealing with all your bookings and enquiries, allowing you to sit back and relax.

No matter where your holiday rental is located, My Favourite Cottages simple, yet effective model can be applied.

What are you looking for in an agent?

We provide smart marketing, owners provide smart properties, together we provide good bookings - is this what you want?

We work with owners to provide smart marketing for their holiday property. We are not ‘one size fits all’ - we will get to know you and your property and work together for long term success.

I need
an agency...

My Favourite Cottages

Other Agencies

to create and maintain a bespoke website for my property
to take stunning photos for advertising use
to source and manage bookings
to handle the guests with care
to manage the money accurately
to plan and execute the marketing
to understand my business wants and needs
to know the market inside out
to understand the importance of spread online marketing
to communicate clearly at all times
to be reliable and responsive


No Booker Correspondence

A life away from enquiries and bookings, we deal with all booker correspondence.

14 Day

Payment within 14 days – no waiting until the guest has been and gone.


A personal visit to your property by the people who will sell it.


A robust market-leading booking system.


Copy Writing

Copy writing for your website, and all advertising.

Marketing Plan

An extensive individually developed marketing plan to get you bookings.

Bespoke Website

A quality, professionally designed, bespoke website (we don’t use templates).


A photo-shoot to bring out the best in your property.


Advertising Knowledge

Experienced knowledge of the quirks and strengths of various online advertising sites.

of Adverts

£500 worth of advertising on online and offline avenues that are proven to work.

Regular Website Updates

Regular updates to your website and advertising.

Google Marketing Suite

Set up and management of the Google suite of marketing tools (business, analytics, etc).


Talk to Someone

Someone you know available to talk to seven days a week.


Help with pricing your property, which is regularly reviewed.


Advice on decorating and preparing your property for guests.

Revenue Estimate

An informed estimate of revenue for your property.

Management of your property

At My Favourite Cottages, our unique approach to securing bookings for your property helps us to be completely flexible, enabling us to fit in with your individual needs. Our goal is simple - to get you and your property as many bookings as you need, without you having to do the leg work. We will take away the stress of responding to emails and telephone calls, as well as handling all the money. You can enjoy receiving bookings whilst you are on holiday, playing golf, at work and even while you sleep.

Looking to buy or build a holiday let? My Favourite Cottages can be with you from start to finish. We will come with you to any site visits and help you to create a holiday cottage that is filled with potential and will meet guests expectations. We can use our handy income revenue generator to get an estimate of what to expect from your holiday cottage, as well as recommend any renovations needed. Once your holiday cottage is up and running we will then develop a pricing structure and marketing plan for your property.

Once you are set up and your website is live, My Favourite Cottages will continue to make improvements, updating information where needed, adjusting prices on request and advertising any last minute deals.

When it comes to pricing, we will develop a comprehensive pricing strategy for your property, making sure you are competitive in the market. My Favourite Cottages will then continuously monitor your pricing and use your property’s performance to work on yearly pricing.


Unlike many other agencies, at My Favourite Cottages we pay our clients within 14 days of receiving any money, allowing you to receive an income from your property all year round. This means no more waiting until the guest has been and gone before the money is transferred to your account.

In conjunction with your payments, we provide a comprehensive statement giving you details of what income you have received, and for which bookings.


My Favourite Cottages can help you with all your housekeeping and maintenance requirements. My Favourite Cottages, in conjunction with our reliable, local housekeepers, can help make your life stress free. Whether you live nearby, or miles from your holiday home, we work alongside the housekeepers to tailor a housekeeping package to suit your needs and make sure you and your guests always have someone on hand if something should go amiss. The bespoke housekeeping service gives you, as the owner, the flexibility to be involved with the housekeeping side of your holiday let as much or as little as you like.

We can help you at the very beginning of the process when you are starting to look for a cottage...

Support with planning and property search

We can source potential holiday properties on the market for you to choose from, armed with the knowledge of how successful the property could be. When considering a barn conversion or new build we can provide a letter for the Planning Office outlining future rental and revenue potential of the property.

Website, photography and virtual tour

The best way to market a holiday cottage is via its own website which we will design and build for you for free, we will fill it with quality photographs to sell your property. In addition to traditional photography, we can provide a state-of-the-art virtual tour with ‘Dolls House’ technology, unique to My Favourite Cottages owners.

Provide income estimation

As part of any planning support or simply to confirm revenue potential, we will provide an estimate on income from your future holiday home.

Branding and marketing

Making your cottage stand out in a crowded market is all about developing an attractive brand and effective marketing. Something for which we have a wealth of experience.

Taking over an established website and marketing

We are happy to take over an established website and marketing if we feel it is all working well, or we can develop a new site if required, with bespoke branding and new marketing.

...or we can take on an established holiday cottage and bring it new life.

Working with an existing agent or transitioning from another agent

We are happy to work alongside an existing agent while you are transitioning over to us and, in some situations, we can work jointly with another agency.

Taking away the stress of bookings and enquiries

Managing a holiday cottage these days is not easy, understanding online marketing is, in itself, a very challenging task and then you need to handle enquiries, bookings and money! Owners need to have the ability to take online bookings and that requires sophisticated ‘channel management systems’, a nightmare if you don’t know how. Let us do all of this for you.


Social media, online advertising, email-marketing, copy-writing and photography – all developed specifically for your property.

Booking management

Enquiries, bookings, payments, calendars, managing guests, liaising with housekeepers – we’ll do it all. We’ll even provide a tailor-made App for each cottage, which is sent to guests before they arrive, with everything they will need to know about the cottage from check-in information to local beaches.

Marketing your property

By marketing your property individually, we can tailor your multi-channel advertising package to suit your target market and make it stand out from the crowd. By doing this we can help increase your bookings throughout the year. Incorporated within your marketing package is a well-run pay per click campaign for your property website on Google, featured posts on social media and inclusion in a range of email campaigns to help generate new bookings, as well as encourage repeat bookings.

Since the creation of My Favourite Cottages,we have built up successful partnerships with several leading online directories. We have found sites that work, generating not only enquiries, and traffic for your website but also bringing in bookings.

The small team at My Favourite Cottages also regularly update the advertising adding new photos and features to keep it fresh. After each booking, the team will also request a review from your guests helping to build a relationship that can both encourage a repeat booking but also make your listing stand out even further.

Percentage of online bookings*

Who are our guests?

My Favourite Cottages is still a relatively small agency, but we punch well above our weight. Being small can be good because we are personal and flexible, but owners still need to know we can deliver bookings, and we can. We do this by smart online marketing, using the best online directories to give us international scale. We have state-of-the-art online booking technology that links to sites like HomeAway, which deliver global reach. We also employ very smart international SEO experts who make our site rank highly on Google for key search terms, so that we can match the large national agencies. All of this means we can market our cottages to potential guests all over the world.

*Yes, this is a real chart based on over 10,000 real bookings!


Give your website a real 'wow' factor

Stand out from the crowd with a portfolio of property photographs from our specialised in-house photographer. My Favourite Cottages will arrange a professional shoot of your property’s interior and exterior, which can be used on your website, advertising and any literature.

We will also give you top tips on how to get the best out of your very own shoot. And the good news is, all rights to the photos will be yours.

If you update your property, don’t panic, My Favourite Cottages will be happy to take new photos and update your website, as well as any advertising.

Web Design

Your Online Presence

My Favourite Cottages has learnt over the years how a holiday property website should tell its own story so that a happy ending is a booking.

At My Favourite Cottages we will create your own individual, professionally optimised website, designed to please Google and its fellow search engines. It will also be designed to wow your potential guests and persuade them to hit the ‘Book Now’ button.

The fully responsive websites designed by My Favourite Cottages are unique and tailored to showcase your entire property, whether it is a one bedroom, couple friendly cottage in Devon or a large, luxury estate in the Scottish Highlands. We will make sure all the information you need potential guests to know is featured on your website.

Our Story

The Personal Touch

My Favourite Cottages was created by two rugby dads whilst watching their sons play. The pitchside idea soon became reality and the business was set up in 2010 with their first clients coming on board looking for that personal touch. Over the next few years My Favourite Cottages grew, staff were hired and clients joined, happy to get away from large faceless agencies. Now, with a prominent office in Barnstaple, North Devon, My Favourite Cottages is the agency that clients recommend to friends and family.

When joining My Favourite Cottages you and your property become a member of the family. Within the team based in Barnstaple, there is Harry the managing director, two marketing managers, one marketing assistant and a website designer/photographer, there are also many others working behind the scenes. Each comes with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in their respective roles that they will use to promote your property and bring in bookings.


“My Favourite Cottages have delivered on all levels. The marketing is comprehensive and best in class. With the lines baited it was only a brief matter of time before the business started to come in. And to top it all they’re a really pleasant bunch of people to work with. No regrets and will definitely be using them for the foreseeable future.’’
Martin Greenbank - Seascape

“We decided to speak to My Favourite Cottages based on a recommendation from someone we know who had switched from a ‘traditional’ letting agency and hasn’t looked back. We signed up based on their personal service. They are interested in really knowing your property so they can produce good accurate copy / images and talk with confidence having seen the property up close. As owners themselves they have been able to offer a fair bit of practical advice too. The bookings are going well and we like the efficient email communications re bookings and our account.“
Tony Wright - Kittiwake Cottage

“I love working with My Favourite Cottages. We have been with them for a few years now and they are very efficient, reliable, proactive and generally easy to work with. They have very good systems so that clear and timely reservation confirmations and statements are produced, with weekly remittances made directly to an owner’s bank accounts. Plus, they are always available to deal with problems out of normal working hours, as well as being thoroughly nice people to do business with. And they generate lots of business for our cottages too! So all in all, I am very happy client.’’
Hugh Godsal - Leys Cottages, Exmoor

“For several years I placed all my holiday cottages with a leading national agency but I found that as they grew they paid less and less attention to our needs and bookings dropped. So I approached My Favourite Cottages. They quickly developed a lovely website and managed all the marketing so I didn’t need to bother. It was quite a leap of faith but they made me feel very relaxed and were always there when I needed them. Bookings continue to be good and I trust them implicitly.”
Pat Arthur - The Stables

“As owners we wanted to find an agent who cared as much as we do about the cottage and its surroundings; My Favourite Cottages have offered us a unique mix of local passion and internet marketing expertise, which is why we are into our 5th year of business with them”
Peter and Suzanne - Rock Cottage

“I have always found the team to be interested in doing the very best they can for my bookings and all at my convenience. Because they have visited Devon Beach Court on many occasions they can answer many of the potential guests questions immediately and thus generally secure the booking there and then without having to involve me. Thanks to My Favourite Cottages and their hard work my bookings go right the way through the year. I am extremely happy with the friendly, personal service I get with My Favourite Cottages, I feel I know them all personally and in turn that they know me and my apartment. The team are always quick to answer my emails and queries and I have been more than happy to recommend the company to many of my friends who have also been impressed with their care and professionalism.”
Jenny Hill - Devon Beach Court

Take the next steps

Give us a call or send an email. Any member of our small team will be happy to talk about your property, but you’ll probably want to speak to Harry, our managing director using the information below