Booking with confidence after Coronavirus

This has been a horrible year for booking a holiday cottage! But we're keen to give you the confidence to book ahead for 2021

This year has been, quite frankly, an absolute disaster for the holiday cottage industry. But with hope on the horizon, and vaccines rolling out, we want to instil you with the confidence to book your end of lockdown holiday.


After the first lockdown finished we filled all of our holiday cottages within just a few weeks, many independent holiday cottage owners capitalised on this by hugely inflating their prices - with even reports that owners were cancelling peoples bookings in order to take huge offers from other families. My Favourite Cottages will never cancel a booking unless there’s a very good reason!


Along with the wave of bookings from the end of the first lockdown, came a wave of cancellations following the news of the second lockdown - we want to assure you that a full refund of the accommodation will be given for any cancellations as a result of lockdowns or Covid-19 illness.

The Future

We predict another surge in bookings following the easing of the current restrictions so we encourage you to book early for dates in mid to late 2021 or fear missing out on your favourite much needed holiday when everyone is safe to do so.

You can get the most up to date information about booking a holiday cottage here